Goldenroach Unlimited Műcsarnok / Kunsthalle

1st legal exhibition

In what is a surprise domestic stage in visual artist kissmiklos’s action series, M0, Műcsarnok’s project gallery gives home to the installation entitled Goldenroach Unlimited. The exhibition-goers of other countries have had a chance to encounter the insects of the Goldenroach project, which Kiss smuggled into prestigious exhibition halls across Europe, since 2011. The artist also made certain to fit the insects that found their ways into the MuMoK (Vienna), the Saatchi Gallery and the Tate Modern (London), the Louvre and the Centre George Pompidou (Paris), or the Hamburger Bahnhof (Berlin), with display labels that matched the look of the current exhibit, making the uninvited guests part of the displays. Later he would plant, in a similar manner, his goldenroach-based souvenirs in the museum gift shops. Smuggled into the international temples of art, kissmiklos’s goldenroaches are temporarily “deified”, as were scarabs in Egyptianculture. By contrast, the fake gold cockroaches in Műcsarnok, made from injection moulded plastic ( the mould itself being handmade), seem to lack any originality and majesty, like all other cheap, mass-produced figurines of the toy industry, even tough these bear a striking resemblance to their golden counterpart. Gathering in the middle of the hall, and counting more than ten thousand, this army of insects also attests to the power of organization and representation. While in the foreign galleries the roach, i.e. the artist, seeks to avoid the attention of security guards and cameras, the golden cockroaches are now the very subject of the exhibit in M0—as legal occupants, their identity and deification are put into question. They are centre stage now, and a live stream will allow anyone to follow their fate round the clock. The artist will soon continue the action series he started three years ago in overseas locations. Take a roach. Goldenroach Game: Get your own Goldenroach, and share your experiences with a photo of the two of you. Use the #mygoldenroach hashtag. Check out the adventures of the other roaches at, and stay tuned for news so that you can win the presents of kissmiklos and Műcsarnok.
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